Book Review– The Perfect Marriage

Pages Count- 311

Author – Jeneva Rose

Genre- Psychological suspense, Domestic Thriller

Rating- 4/5 *

How the story goes?

The police found the dead body of Kelly Summers in the Lake House of Sarah and Adam Morgan at their Lake House. Kelly Summer is the mistress of Adam Morgan, a struggling writer, and the husband of a renowned defense lawyer, Sarah Morgan. 

The death of Kelly Summer put Adam suspicious of her reason for death as he was the last person to see her alive. But, did Adam kill Kelly?

The story takes a new turn when Sarah decided to fight for his husband’s case she thinks that she is the only person in this state to take him out of this convulsion.

How good are the characters?

Sorry! But I didn’t fall in love with either. I  felt pity at the end for Adam as he counted on the wrong person at every step of his life. But, Sarah and her conversations never entice me to fall in love with her.

I find Adam behaved like a school child during the period in jail, even steping out from the bars. I don’t know why he was not able to connect the loose ends of the case.

And, how on earth, he counted on a stranger to collecte information.

Fast Pace Or Slow?

I found this book fast-paced; Every chapter brought new twists and turns in the story. If you are a lover of psychological suspense books, you should read this at once.

I got to know about this book through a group ‘Of Psychological Thriller readers, and they loved it.

So, I decided to imbibe this book; I loved the ending.

Though I have read so many books of this genre, it made me a good catcher of the evil in the story. And I guessed right! Who is the culprit here?

Beginner Friendly?

Yes, you can start with the book, as the language is easy and keep you hooked till the end.

Skip it or Get It?

Yes, being a lover of this genre, you should pick this book once.

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

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