Book Review- Perfectly Arranged(Hopeful Hearts Book1)

Title: Perfectly Arranged

Author: Liana George

Pages Count: 209

Publisher: Scrivenings Press LLC

Short on clients and money, professional organizer Nicki Mayfield is hanging up her
label maker. That is until the eccentric socialite Katherine O’Connor offers Nicki one last
Working together, the pair discovers an unusual business card among Ms. O’Connor’s
family belongings that leads them on a journey to China. There the women embark on
an adventure of faith and self-discovery as they uncover secrets, truths, and ultimately,
God’s perfectly arranged plans.

Official Summary

03 July 2022

What perfectly arranged characters! It is true, that whatever happens, happens for good. It goes right with character Nicole ,whom life was intertwined with Ms.O’Connor’s after her first meeting. Perfectly arranged by@Liana George is a gripping book to read about the story of women ,who went to an adventure to China from Connecticut on a short notice for revealing the truth of Ms.o’Connor’s father secret.

The story starts with Nicki shutting down her business because of a shortage of funds. But, God has a different plan for her; she got a call from Ms.O’Connor’s secretary to join the post as an organizer on an urgent basis. And, Nicki had opted to accept the offer rather than living with her Mom, actually, I could say, a hoarder.

The story took a new turn when Ms’O’Connor discovered a business card from her diseased father. MsO’Connor had to know about this and she took Nicki with her to China.

What is there for both women? What are they going to discover for themselves? Read this amazing to know the touching story of both women.

I really like how the author@Liana George took me to the land of China, where I enjoyed the delicious and authentic meal of China. Moreover, this book will show you the harsh reality of China, how people leave their children with heart problems in orphanages. I enjoyed the vivid culture of China ,especially the customs .

I really like the character, Nicki, fun, charming ,and, easy going. She is trying her best ,how to deal with her hoarder Mom. The author easily conveyed this diseases to the reader with its remedials to deal. If I talk about the MS’O’Connor’ ,she looks like a hard like coconut shell but has a very soft heart for underprivileged children.

Although this book is in series but can be read standalone. I am looking forward to read next part of this book.

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About The Author

Liana George is a sought-after speaker, blogger, and author. Before pursuing a career
in writing, she was a professional organizer and the former owner of By George
Organizing Solutions in Houston, Texas. Her debut novel, Perfectly Arranged, was
inspired by one of her eccentric clients and Liana’s love for China, where she lived for
two and a half years. When she’s not putting things in order or scribbling away, you can
find her reading, traveling, or playing tennis.

Author Links: or through any of these social media platforms (organizing videos) (writer videos)

Upcoming Series:

Perfectly Placed (Hopeful Hearts Book 2) – coming July 5, 2022

Nicki’s tasked with making New Hope the perfect place for orphaned children. So
why has everything gone wrong?
Six weeks after leaving China, Nicki Mayfield returns to complete two critical tasks:
restore order at New Hope Orphanage and re-connect with Lei Ming, the little girl who
stole her heart. However, a stonewalling supervisor, missing documents, and personal
tragedy ensure Nicki faces challenges at every turn. Is she the best person to bring
order – and longevity – to the place these children call home?
Then, with the help of an unexpected ally, Nicki makes a life-altering decision. One that
has the potential to upend her well-planned life and the lives of those around her. Will
she lose it all, or has she found a way to save what matters most?
Book Links:

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