How to start reading books ?

Congratulations ! you are en route to a beautiful journey of reading books. A nonreader is always in dilemma how to develop of reading books. It always seems boring to a non-reader to carry a boring book along with you. Right? But trust me give me a chance to prove you reading is not that boring what you always think of. Let’s directly jump into the topic of how to start your journey of reading books?

1.Choose your genre

2. Pages count

3.Reading level

4.When to switch from social media to books?

5. Look for the recommendations

6. Native / English Language

7. Enjoy with your favorite drink(tea/coffee)

Let’ s discuss these points in detail without any ado.

1.Your genre please

If I ask you something what genre of movies you like to watch ? You would answer action, drama, adventure ,gloomy, or you would say light hearted movies .Am I right? Same thing goes with books. Choosing your genre of book is the first and most important part of starting your journey to read books. Now you can go to the shop or our one and only Amazon and purchase your book according to your taste.

2.Pages Count

I must say don’t be intimated by the total number of pages in the book. When you deep dive into the book then pages count will never intimidate you . Still ,you are a new to reading books then I must say you should go for books less than 100 pages or even some books are available less than 50 pages . Make a goal of reading at least 5pages in a day or 10 pages in a day according to your choice and time. And here you are doing great ! You have started reading books.

3.Reading level

Now ,the third step is to read book according your level. Just think ,you are reading a book and you are running into lots of complicated words in the story, then ,what would happen? You would end up leaving book. Right? So, read a book according to your level of English or any other language book. Children’s book are different because there level is different . So ,as yours .Go for a book according to your level.

4. When to read books

Now, it’s a high time to decide When to read your favorite book? While travelling or before hitting the pillow or in the morning? I just love to pick up my book whenever I am free .No particular time for bingeing books . It’s your call now when do you like to binge book?

5.Look for the recommendation

I am sure a bookworm can recommend you a better book to start. So, what are you waiting for go and search on Instagram, book blogs or you can checkout on Facebook. You can checkout my page on Instagram for book recs at @reet.kalra.75.

6. Native/English language

It is not necessary to read book in English only. You can choose your book of your native language also. I started reading books to improve my English, So, I went for English language. It’s upto you which language would you choose English Or Native ? The more you enjoy ,the more you read and the more knowledge you gain .

7. Have a cup of Coffee or Tea with book

Take a hot piping cup of coffee or tea along with good book and enjoy your read. How soothing it is! It freshens and brightens up your day. The day will be definitely mix of knowledge along with your chores . What else do you want ?

8. Say DNF to book

If you buy a book and you are not convinced to reading that particular book then please don’t read further. It will just end up you leaving hatred towards the book. Buy or borrow a new book and start reading.

I hope I have elaborated on all the basic steps to move forward with reading books. If you have convinced, then go and grab your book, and yes, Let me know in the comment section what genre you love the most?


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