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    Book Review– The Perfect Marriage

    Pages Count- 311

    Author – Jeneva Rose

    Genre- Psychological suspense, Domestic Thriller

    Rating- 4/5 *

    How the story goes?

    The police found the dead body of Kelly Summers in the Lake House of Sarah and Adam Morgan at their Lake House. Kelly Summer is the mistress of Adam Morgan, a struggling writer, and the husband of a renowned defense lawyer, Sarah Morgan. 

    The death of Kelly Summer put Adam suspicious of her reason for death as he was the last person to see her alive. But, did Adam kill Kelly?

    The story takes a new turn when Sarah decided to fight for his husband’s case she thinks that she is the only person in this state to take him out of this convulsion.

    How good are the characters?

    Sorry! But I didn’t fall in love with either. I  felt pity at the end for Adam as he counted on the wrong person at every step of his life. But, Sarah and her conversations never entice me to fall in love with her.

    I find Adam behaved like a school child during the period in jail, even steping out from the bars. I don’t know why he was not able to connect the loose ends of the case.

    And, how on earth, he counted on a stranger to collecte information.

    Fast Pace Or Slow?

    I found this book fast-paced; Every chapter brought new twists and turns in the story. If you are a lover of psychological suspense books, you should read this at once.

    I got to know about this book through a group ‘Of Psychological Thriller readers, and they loved it.

    So, I decided to imbibe this book; I loved the ending.

    Though I have read so many books of this genre, it made me a good catcher of the evil in the story. And I guessed right! Who is the culprit here?

    Beginner Friendly?

    Yes, you can start with the book, as the language is easy and keep you hooked till the end.

    Skip it or Get It?

    Yes, being a lover of this genre, you should pick this book once.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts.

  • Book Review- A Good Girl’s Guide To     Murder 

    Book Review- A Good Girl’s Guide         To     Murder 

    Author-Holly Jackson

    Genre- Thriller; Suspense

    Pages Count-347

    Publisher- Electric Monkey

    Source- Private copy

    Book Description

    Andie’s body ,17,was reported missing from her home in Little Kilton ..

    Sal is dead ..

    Everyone thinks Sal killed Andie..but Pippa didn’t believe..

    How the story goes?

    Pippa Fitz –Amobi, decided to take topic of the murder of Sal Singh for her EPQ project. Because, Pippa deluded that Sal had nothing in his sleeve about Andie . Pippa went to the haunted house ,according to kilton’s to meet with Ravi Singh, Sal’s brother. Ravi decided to tell the story to Pipa , ‘ What actually happened on 20th April,2012? Who was behind the Andie’s disappearance and Sal’s Death? Did Sal kill Andie or someone else from the town?

    Now this was not project anymore for Pippa..

    What makes this book Unique?

    It’s climax ,characters ,and story. You must’ve read lots of thrillers but this is something different. I don’t think readers will be able to catch up the murderer till the end of the book . A character driven story with lots of twists, turns ,and leaving you emotional . The protagonist , Pippa put gather  all the pieces of evidence to tail the real culprit.

    Skip It or Get IT?

    Please get it if you are a fan of this genre.

    About Holly Jackson


    Holly Jackson started writing stories from a young age, completing her first (poor) attempt at a novel aged fifteen. She lives in London and aside from reading and writing, she enjoys playing video games and watching true crime documentaries so she can pretend to be a detective. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is her first novel.


  • Book Review – The Beach Party

    Book Review – The Beach Party

       Author- Amy Sheppard

    Genre-General Fiction(adult) |Mystery & Thriller|

    Publication date- August30,2022

    Publisher- Bookoutre

    Source- Net Galley (EBook)


    We were all at the party. Which of us wanted her dead?

    As the smoke from the bonfire spirals into the night sky and the cool drinks slip down our throats, none of us can take our eyes off Lacey. She dances in the dunes, her long golden hair damp from her late-night swim, her smile dazzling, her blue eyes closed.

    Everyone who is close to Lacey sits by the smoky fire. Her adoring boyfriend, who holds onto her, perhaps a little too tightly. Her little sister, always in Lacey’s shadow, sifting fine soft sand through her fingers, never taking her eyes off Lacey. And me. Sad and full of rage, after an argument forced the man I love to leave the party early.

    When the fire burns out, we stumble away from the beach, along the cliff path – faces burned by the wind, hearts full of secrets. But Lacey never makes it home. The next morning, her body is found in the sand dunes, a heart-shaped locket missing from around her neck.

    Who would have thought our beach party could end the way it did? Close friends gathered on the last night of a long hot summer – which one of us could have killed the girl everybody loved?

    An absolutely gripping psychological thriller with an ending you will NEVER see coming! Strap in for a twisty rollercoaster ride that will keep you turning pages all night long. Perfect for anyone who adored The Holiday, The Guest List or Gone Girl.

    My Thoughts

    A nineteen year old girl, Lacey, beautiful ,popular teenager ,no obvious enemies, no suspicious past to backstory is dead on the beach. The suspicion looms on her boyfriend, James, but ,he also killed himself after her girlfriend’s death. There is no one in the Pengully to investigate her reason of murder. The police closed the case after James’s death.

    One day Sophie calls Katie and makes her ready to reopen the case for their popular podcast ‘A small Town’. And, here the story took a new turn with lots of twists.

    Gradually ,Lacey’s friends came to reveal the secrets of Lacey , leading to the murder in the end.

    I love the tension created by the author throughout the story as I was not able to identify who is the culprit here.

    That’s all I want in my thriller stories.

    Overall, it was a gripping read for the lovers of this genre.

  • Book Review – The Door

    Book Review – The Door

    #Book – The door
    #author -Richard J.Kerr; Stanford Erickson
    #pagescount -166
    #genre -Suspense


    A Door That Opens to a Dark, Suspenseful Spiritual World by Richard J. Kerr; Stanford Erickson will take you to the world of séance. There is a strange door in Elsie McKenzie’s house, a door open for spirits to come and go freely. Is it true or just a belief? If you look at the door, this is strange to locate this place. Let’s find out more about the history of this door. How this door is going to take the lives of two people?

    The story revolves around Elsie McKenzie, who is a renowned author, working on her current book, exposure to spiritual and Health Camp, where she used to go after her husband’s death, Albert.
    But, one day she was dead. It was assumed that she hurtled towards the stairs. Was it true? Elsie’s nephew, detective, Robert, decided to know about the real cause of her Aunt’s death. This investigation lead to him Camp, where he got a chance to meet with Abigale and he was besotted by her beauty. But, Robert got to know about the dark history of Abigale, whomever, she met went to heaven in peace. Will the same thing is going to happen with Robert?

    I really like how the story started, created tension in my mind to know about the life of Abigale, Robert and what is the reason for Elsie’s death? Was it really spirit or someone else?
    I did not like the ending of the book. I was not able to know the real picture of Abigale. I want to know who was behind the door? But I did not get the answer.
    I would love to give 3/5 *

  • Book Review- Perfectly Arranged(Hopeful Hearts Book1)

    Book Review-   Perfectly Arranged(Hopeful Hearts Book1)

    Title: Perfectly Arranged

    Author: Liana George

    Pages Count: 209

    Publisher: Scrivenings Press LLC

    Short on clients and money, professional organizer Nicki Mayfield is hanging up her
    label maker. That is until the eccentric socialite Katherine O’Connor offers Nicki one last
    Working together, the pair discovers an unusual business card among Ms. O’Connor’s
    family belongings that leads them on a journey to China. There the women embark on
    an adventure of faith and self-discovery as they uncover secrets, truths, and ultimately,
    God’s perfectly arranged plans.

    Official Summary

    03 July 2022

    What perfectly arranged characters! It is true, that whatever happens, happens for good. It goes right with character Nicole ,whom life was intertwined with Ms.O’Connor’s after her first meeting. Perfectly arranged by@Liana George is a gripping book to read about the story of women ,who went to an adventure to China from Connecticut on a short notice for revealing the truth of Ms.o’Connor’s father secret.

    The story starts with Nicki shutting down her business because of a shortage of funds. But, God has a different plan for her; she got a call from Ms.O’Connor’s secretary to join the post as an organizer on an urgent basis. And, Nicki had opted to accept the offer rather than living with her Mom, actually, I could say, a hoarder.

    The story took a new turn when Ms’O’Connor discovered a business card from her diseased father. MsO’Connor had to know about this and she took Nicki with her to China.

    What is there for both women? What are they going to discover for themselves? Read this amazing to know the touching story of both women.

    I really like how the author@Liana George took me to the land of China, where I enjoyed the delicious and authentic meal of China. Moreover, this book will show you the harsh reality of China, how people leave their children with heart problems in orphanages. I enjoyed the vivid culture of China ,especially the customs .

    I really like the character, Nicki, fun, charming ,and, easy going. She is trying her best ,how to deal with her hoarder Mom. The author easily conveyed this diseases to the reader with its remedials to deal. If I talk about the MS’O’Connor’ ,she looks like a hard like coconut shell but has a very soft heart for underprivileged children.

    Although this book is in series but can be read standalone. I am looking forward to read next part of this book.

    Click on link to buy this book:


    About The Author

    Liana George is a sought-after speaker, blogger, and author. Before pursuing a career
    in writing, she was a professional organizer and the former owner of By George
    Organizing Solutions in Houston, Texas. Her debut novel, Perfectly Arranged, was
    inspired by one of her eccentric clients and Liana’s love for China, where she lived for
    two and a half years. When she’s not putting things in order or scribbling away, you can
    find her reading, traveling, or playing tennis.

    Author Links:
    http://www.lianageorge.com or through any of these social media platforms
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB8n4ov17hQo9LN9fRRTTgQ (organizing videos)
    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf9yjXiFnOS_wTe3dVDKCkw (writer videos)

    Upcoming Series:

    Perfectly Placed (Hopeful Hearts Book 2) – coming July 5, 2022

    Nicki’s tasked with making New Hope the perfect place for orphaned children. So
    why has everything gone wrong?
    Six weeks after leaving China, Nicki Mayfield returns to complete two critical tasks:
    restore order at New Hope Orphanage and re-connect with Lei Ming, the little girl who
    stole her heart. However, a stonewalling supervisor, missing documents, and personal
    tragedy ensure Nicki faces challenges at every turn. Is she the best person to bring
    order – and longevity – to the place these children call home?
    Then, with the help of an unexpected ally, Nicki makes a life-altering decision. One that
    has the potential to upend her well-planned life and the lives of those around her. Will
    she lose it all, or has she found a way to save what matters most?
    Book Links:

    Last, but not least, I would like to thank @travelling.page.tours for counting me in for this tour.



    ” When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do ?… Just

    keep swimming .. Just keep swimming..”

    “Cycles exist because they are excruciating to break, It takes an astronomical amount of pain and courage to disrupt a family pattern. “

    It Ends With Us,Collen Hoover

    My First Impression

    • I know I am so late to read this book and review it But, here is my naked truth, I was skeptical to read this book. Why?
    • I am not so much into romantic novels and the title itself suggests, It Ends with Us, I always thought two lovers met and ended together.
    • But I was wrong, it is not going to be a  clichélove story.

    Part of me wanted to move ahead and read this hyped book, so I grab my kindle and read it and I loved it. Let’s discuss this book in detail.


    Lily Bloom is the only child of her parents, living in Maine with her parents. But she is not happy to live with them. As she always saw her mother getting beaten up by her father for trivial things, and he never apologized for his wrongdoing. Lily Bloom’s mother suffered everything and didn’t utter a single word against his father.

    Some questions always pop up in Lily’s mind. Why can’t her mother leave him and lead a happy and single life? Why she is bound to live with him, even if he beats him brutally?

    Amongst all the turmoil going on in her teenage days, she met with an orphanage boy, named Altas, who came to live in an abandoned house adjacent to Lily’s house. Lily used to provide essential supplies to Atlas and even welcomed him into her house in the absence of her parents. Gradually they fall in love. But the story doesn’t end here. Atlas moved to Boston to join the military and they got apart.

    Lily Bloom studied and graduated and moved to Boston in her adulthood days. She met with a handsome, charming, sexy boy, named Ryen Kincaid. They met and fall in love.

    Everything seems perfect to you? Am I right?

    Wait .. Hold your horses! Don’t jump on the gun.

    Everything is going to be topsy-turvy with the reappearance of Atlas in Lily’s life.

    Will Ryen count on Lily or something is going to change in their relationship?

    How good are the characters?

    Lily Bloom is an ambitious and unpliant girl. She does the things, that she always loves. She opened her own business, took it to the next level, and get herself a stand in her life.

    Lily Bloom took some brave decisions regardless of being a mother of a daughter. I really loved, how first she tried to work on her relationship with Ryen. She was always there to help Ryen in managing his anger issues.

    She always compared her marriage with her parent’s marriage. But she was never ready to follow the path of her mother.

    I, even like the Character, Ryen, ambitious and workaholic. When it comes to the relationship, I found him sometime surreal.

    I fall in love with Atlas, his simple behavior, and true feelings for Lily made me fall in love with him again and again. Even though, the side characters, Allysa and Marshall, were so lively and helpful made they both laugh and cry.


    • This book talks about the dilemma etched in every women’s mind after marriage and baby.
    • What would happen if I leave my husband?
    • What would be my Child’s future after divorce?
    • Will I be able to maintain the same standard of living?
    • Ok, he beats me but he loves my child. No one is going to love my child like him.

    This book talks about the JUST THINK, what you are suffering, domestic violence is not allowed, and no one can let you down or beat you up for trivial things.


    What I didn’t like?

    Obviously, every story has some points, which readers do not like. If I talk about this book, the cliché love triangle of Atlas, lily, and Ryen. The same bickering for an ex-lover.

    Final Verdict

    This book is worth the hype. I absolutely recommend you guys to please read this book as this book contains magical writing of @collenhoover, laugh, cry, and fall in love with Ryen and Lilly.

    About The Author

    Colleen Hoover is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of twenty-two novels and novellas. Hoover’s novels fall into the New Adult and Young Adult contemporary romance categories, as well as psychological thrillers. 

    Colleen Hoover is published by Montlake Romance, Grand Central Publishing, and Atria Books. Colleen also has several indie titles, including Heart Bones.

    In 2015, Colleen’s novel CONFESS won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance. That was followed up in 2016 with her latest title, It Ends With Us, also winning the Choice Award for Best Romance. In 2017, her title WITHOUT MERIT won best romance.

    Her novel CONFESS has been filmed as a series by Awestruck and is available on Prime Video via Amazon and iTunes. Katie Leclerc and Ryan Cooper star in the series.

    Colleen founded The Bookworm Box, a charity subscription service and bookstore, with her family in 2015. The Bookworm Box is a subscription service that provides readers with an exciting opportunity to receive signed novels in the mail each month from authors all over the world. All profits from the subscription service are donated to various charities each month. To date, The Bookworm Box has donated over $1,000,000 to help those in need

    Thank you for your valuable time.

    June 7, 2022



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    STORY 5\5

    You do not know how fast you have been running, how hard you have been working, and how truly exhausted you are, until someone stands behind you and says, “It’s OK, you can fall down now. I’ll catch you.”

                        -Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

    My first impression  

    The first thought that came into my mind is that this book is all about the woman and her dark reality of their relationship, abuse, and much more. I thought I am going to be have a ride on the domestic violence of a renowned Hollywood actress but it was much more.

    My Musings

    This book is all over on Bookstagram and book tube. Everyone was reading it and reviewing it and I must say I read lots of good reviews about this book and this urged me to buy this book and read the story of Evelyn. Read on to know more about this book and my experience of reading it.

    What to expect?

    Expect a journey of a girl who turned into a woman in Hollywood, who took her career from land to sky in no time. You can expect Evelyn to be trading her virginity to get into Hollywood, marrying at the age of 14 years, not only once but seven times, some with consent, some with just let it go! I don’t care. A bisexual woman lived her life on her own terms, supporting the LGBTQ community, and fighting the odds but never giving up. I am telling you to fasten your belt because Evelyn is going to knock your socks off.


    How the story goes?

    A reclusive Hollywood actress of the 1960s wants to get interviewed by Monique Grant, not so famous reporter at VIVANT.  Everyone was shocked even Monique.

    Why did Evelyn Hugo choose only Monique for her autobiography?

    Did she have something up in her sleeve for Monique?

    Evelyn Hugo is going to tell everything to Monique for her autobiography. How did she become from Evelyn Herrera to Evelyn Hugo? A Cuban girl turned her hair to blond, adopt an American accent, and here she goes to keep every man’s mouth open with her slaying features.

    Evelyn ran away from his father when her mother died when Evelyn was just eleven years old. She ran straight away to the roads of  Hollywood and wanted to clinch every movie, which could get her an Oscar. Evelyn is going to tell in the story how she met her seven husbands, why she got married to seven husbands and left everything in the end.

    Evelyn ran into some great friends in her life, whom she trusts and can share everything with them, CELIA and HARRY CAMERON, one of her husbands also. These friends became a part and parcel of Evelyn Hugo’s life.

    Still, she was alone in her house. Why?

    Read the book and find out the real Evelyn.

    How good were the characters?

    Awesome! I  just wanted to go and hug Evelyn for her losses suffered and wanted to say that everything will be OKAY. How relentless a fighter you are?  

    The writing

    The writing is simply marvelous. With the character of Evelyn, you can enjoy the parties of Hollywood, even, the reality of Hollywood. Enjoy the ride of light, camera, and action, going to the academy awards and an Oscar. Who wouldn’t be happier to be at late-night parties and hanging around with famous superstars? But you are going to see something, which you think at that moment. No this should not be done. Evelyn is a character with flaws but she always lives like a queen.

    Skip it or Get it

    You would be repenting if you would not read this book. Please read this book asap.

    Thanks for your valuable time.

    Have you read this book? Let me know in the comment section


    Hello readers how are you ? I hope you are hale and hearty. It’s been a long time I haven’t posted any review on my blog. It’s not that am not inhaling books in my free time ,I just didn’t get time to pen down my views on blog.

    So, let’s start this review without any ado..

    Ghanshyam Shastri series 2 by Saras Azad

    • Book Description

    Author – Saras Azad

    Publisher – Redgrab book pvt ltd.

    Genre – Mystery, Crime, Detective

    Pages Count -196

    • Official Summary

    Payal Kothari is found dead on a Sunday Morning in the hotel, The Great Landmark in the city of Ahmedabad. Inspector Ratan, the in-charge of the case, finds it really difficult to get to the root of the mystery as there is a lot of pressure on him from various influential people. He calls the young detective Ghanshyam Shashtri for help. Will Ghanshyam be able to solve the second big case of his life. Witness Ghanshyam solve another interesting case – What Happened on Saturday Night?

    • About The Author

    Started as a software engineer, Saras Azad is a full-time writer nowadays. He worked in the industry for slightly more than a decade. Six novels in his kitty, he has always something new to offer to his readers. His latest Ghanshyam Shashtri franchise is super-hit. An under-production Bollywood movie is a testimony to that. His every novel has grabbed the eyeballs of Bollywood film makers. His style of writing makes him different from his contemporary writers. Currently, he resides in the states of Uttar Pradesh.


    This book is full of action, drama, adventurous life of Ghanshyam Shastri, who got a mysterious case of Payal Kothari, found dead in the hotel. Ghanshyam Shastri came into action, Mr. Ratan, Inspector of Kothari’s case got fired from this case because of influenced big tycoon, and the case hand over to a corrupted officer, Mr.Uday. The story reveals the love, and betrayal in family relationships, which only affected the bonding of siblings.

    The author perfectly crafted the bold character of Ghanshyam Shastri ,who knew something is fishy in the case from the starting. The ending was quite predictable to me as some of the hints came into the half of the book .

    But, I must say if you want to enjoy the vibes of the Gujarati family along with the romance of our protagonist, Ghanshyam Shastri, busy solving the case and finding out the bitter truth of a pure relationship, which is always meant to be pure.

    Then go for it..

    A short, compact book for suspense lovers.

    I love to recommend this book to the age of 18years or above as it contains sexual scenes .

    MY Rating

    🎇🎇🎇🎇/ 5

    Thanks for your valuable time .

  • How to start reading books ?

    How to start reading books ?

    Congratulations ! you are en route to a beautiful journey of reading books. A nonreader is always in dilemma how to develop of reading books. It always seems boring to a non-reader to carry a boring book along with you. Right? But trust me give me a chance to prove you reading is not that boring what you always think of. Let’s directly jump into the topic of how to start your journey of reading books?

    1.Choose your genre

    2. Pages count

    3.Reading level

    4.When to switch from social media to books?

    5. Look for the recommendations

    6. Native / English Language

    7. Enjoy with your favorite drink(tea/coffee)

    Let’ s discuss these points in detail without any ado.

    1.Your genre please

    If I ask you something what genre of movies you like to watch ? You would answer action, drama, adventure ,gloomy, or you would say light hearted movies .Am I right? Same thing goes with books. Choosing your genre of book is the first and most important part of starting your journey to read books. Now you can go to the shop or our one and only Amazon and purchase your book according to your taste.

    2.Pages Count

    I must say don’t be intimated by the total number of pages in the book. When you deep dive into the book then pages count will never intimidate you . Still ,you are a new to reading books then I must say you should go for books less than 100 pages or even some books are available less than 50 pages . Make a goal of reading at least 5pages in a day or 10 pages in a day according to your choice and time. And here you are doing great ! You have started reading books.

    3.Reading level

    Now ,the third step is to read book according your level. Just think ,you are reading a book and you are running into lots of complicated words in the story, then ,what would happen? You would end up leaving book. Right? So, read a book according to your level of English or any other language book. Children’s book are different because there level is different . So ,as yours .Go for a book according to your level.

    4. When to read books

    Now, it’s a high time to decide When to read your favorite book? While travelling or before hitting the pillow or in the morning? I just love to pick up my book whenever I am free .No particular time for bingeing books . It’s your call now when do you like to binge book?

    5.Look for the recommendation

    I am sure a bookworm can recommend you a better book to start. So, what are you waiting for go and search on Instagram, book blogs or you can checkout on Facebook. You can checkout my page on Instagram for book recs at @reet.kalra.75.

    6. Native/English language

    It is not necessary to read book in English only. You can choose your book of your native language also. I started reading books to improve my English, So, I went for English language. It’s upto you which language would you choose English Or Native ? The more you enjoy ,the more you read and the more knowledge you gain .

    7. Have a cup of Coffee or Tea with book

    Take a hot piping cup of coffee or tea along with good book and enjoy your read. How soothing it is! It freshens and brightens up your day. The day will be definitely mix of knowledge along with your chores . What else do you want ?

    8. Say DNF to book

    If you buy a book and you are not convinced to reading that particular book then please don’t read further. It will just end up you leaving hatred towards the book. Buy or borrow a new book and start reading.

    I hope I have elaborated on all the basic steps to move forward with reading books. If you have convinced, then go and grab your book, and yes, Let me know in the comment section what genre you love the most?